Choir Festival in Nairobi aka Judge for the first time

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I was a judge on a choir festival, for the first time today.

You know, you watch those music competitions, and you always wonder what type of a judge would you be, ‘cause you know there are several types.
The Evil One. I can’t say that I don’t enjoy the sarcastic comments, although, I would rather call them “creative”. That’s the best part of the show! Unless you’re the singer who about the comments are…
I can easily imagine myself as an evil judge.
The Honest One. Like Simon Cowell. In my opinion, he’s closer to the honest, than the evil one. Regardless of that, everybody hates that kind of a judge just as much.
Again, could be that one.
The Polite One, who never tells the truth. You can see that they strongly disliked your performance, but won’t say that. So, instead of doing it the Croatian way and saying to a tone deaf person that an elephant farted into their ear, they will say:
-You were rather imperfect.
I could also be that one. Although, I would hate myself.
The Crying One. OMG. The one that I’m always the most annoyed by (except when I’m crying along), and could yell at them (at the tv) for hours: -You’re weak!! Just go home and get yourself a box of tissues and an ice-cream.
I could never be that one.
And then, sometimes, there’s also The One Who Has Nothing To Do With Music. Like Simon Cowell…
Before we went to the auditorium, Andrew, Shih-Hao and I were talking about what we’re about to do.
-So I have to express my opinion about them singing? But I never did that! I don’t know how to do it- Shih- Hao said.
-You would- Andrew replied without hesitating.
-I don’t know. I never did that!
-Come on! You do it every day, Shih-Hao!- I joined Andrew’s team.
Shih-Hao laughed- yes, it’s true.
And soon afterwards he said, I will be ‘The Evil Shih-Hao’. Which is a character that SOUL team is very familiar with by now.
-You know, when there are good and bad people, in Mandarin, we call them: white face, that is good; and black face, the bad one.
-Oh… isn’t it ironic how you will be the black face, and Andrew the white?
And then he wanted to, surprise surprise, kick me.
Anyway, we walked into the auditorium and Gabe joined us. One of the first things he said was:
-I will be the evil judge. You know how there’s always an evil judge?
-Yeah, but that’s taken, it’s Shih-Hao.
Gabe didn’t really agree on that. I won’t share his detailed description, though.
After we heard the first couple of choirs, there was a break. And there was still one choir that I wasn’t sure about.
-I don’t know what to write about that choir.
Gabe pulled out his notes.
-Seriously?- I was rather surprised- you call this evil?!
So, as I initially thought, I was on my way to take over Shih-Hao’s role and be the evil judge, until… there was this little girl who sang Cohen’s Hallelujah.
And somewhere during the second verse, I just looked at Andy with a lake (Dalubaling) below my eyes:
-I would be such a lousy judge, Andy. *Mentally going for a walk to buy myself a box of tissues and an ice-cream*
But, thankfully, he wasn’t much better.
Well, anyway, I think that in the end, none of us could really be the Mandarin Black Face. After seeing so many talented kids and their dedicated conductors, we were simply inspired and happy.
Before one of the choirs even started singing, Gabe said:
-Oh, that is a good teacher.
I was taking notes from the previous performance, so I wasn’t looking at the stage yet, and after he said that, I looked up, thinking that maybe she was good looking (I spent 4 months with this man… when we were in Disney World, he wanted to invite Cinderella for dinner…) -Why?
-Look at the children’s faces. You can tell. They haven’t even started singing yet, but when she raised her hands, they immediately changed their facial expressions. Amazing.
And it turned out to be the best choir. The guys kept talking about that performance long after it was over.
I think that from now on, I might have a different opinion of the judge’s role. It always seemed that it’s all about what the judges say, but… now I think it’s a lot more about what they get to hear. And, at times, that’s amazing. Although, at times, it makes them need to go for a walk to buy tissues.
None of that means that I couldn’t be the evil- Mandarin black face- judge, though.


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