Home, At Last

Last night was great. After months and months (even years, perhaps) of living abroad, I performed ‘at home’ in Croatia, at the Croatian National Theatre in Zadar (which is, btw,


Dear Doha- Friends, I took this photo on the way to the airport yesterday morning (I’m just showing off my photography skills. It has nothing to do with the wish

The Elephant Story- Sri Lanka

Since I heard several times some of you like hearing my travel stories, I decided to share another one. Unlike of my previous Fb status, this is an actual story,

Choir Festival in Nairobi aka Judge for the first time

I was a judge on a choir festival, for the first time today. You know, you watch those music competitions, and you always wonder what type of a judge would

I Left My Heart in Nairobi

I know some of you might be tired of my ‘I couldn’t love my job more’ posts, but I’ll keep sharing some of that stuff, since I think maybe it’s

The SOUL Language

I didn’t write for a very long time and since many things have happened since my last blog post, I’ll do it the boring way, and I probably won’t mention

The Well Documented Trip

-Uhm, sorry, you’re not supposed to take pictures here- the nice lady in the souvenir shop told us smiling, after we already took about 47 pictures standing next to her,

-Excuse me, have you maybe seen this strange-looking international group of people?

Sometimes James comes to pick us up and sometimes we meet at the location where we perform/ have a rehearsal/ eat/ whatever. Well, this was one of the situations our

The Windy City, IL

                  -Oh, you’ll love Chicago- that’s what EVERYONE who’s ever been there told me. And so I did. It was different than I

Farewell, Michigan

After spending over a month in Michigan, we said goodbye to our first stop, Dearborn, where we recorded our album and had the rehearsal camp for about 2 weeks. And