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After spending over a month in Michigan, we said goodbye to our first stop, Dearborn, where we recorded our album and had the rehearsal camp for about 2 weeks.

And is there a better way for singers to say goodbye than by having a concert? Didn’t think so.mich1 Farewell, MichiganI didn’t feel very well that day, I think I might have had a fever, and I most certainly had a sour throat. Not fun. But I really wanted to perform, because, as I said earlier, I think that’s the best way to show my gratitude to our hosts who took good care of us. Martie really provided me, not only a room or a house, but also a home.

Judy, Andy’s host, gave me a necklace she made for me and made me cry. In public. But if someone asks, I was just really sick and that’s the only reason why I had tears in my eyes.

mich2 Farewell, Michigan(with Gabe and Judy on our way to Ann Arbor)

So, after leaving Dearborn on Sunday, we went to White Lake and worked in that area in Huron Valley Schools and had a concert with them on Thursday. On Friday we performed in a high school in Chelsea and on Saturday we were on our way to Chicago.

mich3 Farewell, Michigan(rehearsal with Huron Valley Schools)

mich4 Farewell, Michigan

(preparing for the concert in Chelsea)

Oh, yeah, and did I mention that Marcus lives in White Lake so we got to spend time with his cute family?¬†His daughters Lina and Teya are adorable. Lina thinks I look like a princess wearing my national costume. And his wife Sylvia invited for a Swiss dinner on Friday (since she’s half Swiss and half Polish, but speaks most of the languages that exist in this world), so we had lots of good cheese and good chocolate. And then, since she plays the harp, she played for us What A Wonderful World. Oh, I couldn’t love their family more.

And this makes me think of the question I asked at the beginning of this post again. Maybe the only better way to say goodbye other than a concert is having a dinner with lots of good cheese and good chocolate (AND a concert). And so we did.

Oh, Michigan… in some strange, coldly warm way, I’ll miss you.




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