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Choir Festival in Nairobi aka Judge for the first time

I was a judge on a choir festival, for the first time today. You know, you watch those music competitions, and you always wonder what type of a judge would

The SOUL Language

I didn’t write for a very long time and since many things have happened since my last blog post, I’ll do it the boring way, and I probably won’t mention

The Well Documented Trip

-Uhm, sorry, you’re not supposed to take pictures here- the nice lady in the souvenir shop told us smiling, after we already took about 47 pictures standing next to her,

-Excuse me, have you maybe seen this strange-looking international group of people?

Sometimes James comes to pick us up and sometimes we meet at the location where we perform/ have a rehearsal/ eat/ whatever. Well, this was one of the situations our

The Windy City, IL

                  -Oh, you’ll love Chicago- that’s what EVERYONE who’s ever been there told me. And so I did. It was different than I

Farewell, Michigan

After spending over a month in Michigan, we said goodbye to our first stop, Dearborn, where we recorded our album and had the rehearsal camp for about 2 weeks. And

Just My Luck and Snow Days in Michigan

I started writing this post a few weeks ago, when the first following sentence used to be ‘Last week’ and not ‘A few weeks ago’, but before I start writing

A Day With Detroit Children’s Choir

Children amaze me. S.O.U.L. worked today with Detroit Children’s Choir in Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall. Each person from the quartet was supposed to teach the choir a song from their country.

The Floating Library

-Oh, what a day!- that’s the sentence I heard on the way out from the Oakwood Hospital, where we had lunch today. We were supposed to perform there today, but,

Handbell choir and a trip to Ann Arbor

When you are a SOUL singer, one of the first things people who know about SOUL tell you when they meet you is- never reject an invitation- doesn’t matter if